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An ordinary girl who wanted to create a path || Not follow a trail


Cuddle Praying with Husband

Praying with your husband is an important part of marriage and can have positive consequences beyond what you can imagine. I recently had a post published on with tips to improve your prayer life with your husband, including the fact that it will be awkward. You can head on over and check it out.…
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April 4, 2017 0

Update Number 3

I had grand ideas of writing extraordinary stories of our journey.  I imagined having hours spent perfecting a fascinating travelogue…I don’t know where I thought those hours would come from and instead I’m covering a lot of ground really fast…but for those who are really interested…here is part 3 of our journey. We’v passed 10,000…
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August 9, 2016 4
Road Trip

Another Update

Coming up on 10,000 miles traveled I thought it was time for another update… I left off last time in the Badlands and record high temperatures and storms.  The plan was to head for Grand Tetons National Park, but we had a quick trip through Mount Rushmore on the way to have a look at…
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July 25, 2016 2
One Step at a Time

Going West

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards” Soren Kierkegaard Another ‘season’ has begun for our trip…we’ve headed west into a great deal of unknown – a strong contrast to the first half of our trip on the east coast which has been full of my past. It has felt surreal…
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June 8, 2016 0
a life outside the box

An ordinary family

Who wanted to create a path… |Not follow a trail|  

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Our Journey Has Begun |Australia – New Zealand – America – Canada|

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December 29, 2015 3


Whether we live in the suburbs or travel around the world, we never want to do things just because that’s the way they are done. Join us as we set out to find what life is like outside the box.

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